How does the project work?

We work with three specific impact pillars to support local leaders and grassroots social initiatives:

Financial Support

Supporting grassroots community leaders financially has been and continues to be a core part of the deliverables at SEJA. Through monthly donations, SEJA offers a base for the local leader to build on; while also providing stability and sustainability to the project.

Professional Development

The SEJA professional development program is rooted in the needs of the communities where we work. The program offers personalised/professional training for SEJA local leaders helping them develop as professionals, people and prepare them for success in the nonprofit market.

Cultural Outreach

Via physical and digital community events and programmes SEJA helps young people build an identity and show the true power of culture and its value as a tool for social development.


  • Two Cities
  • 100’s of Hours of Mentorship
  • Three Cities
  • Total Young People Impacted Weekly: 1,250
  • Total Invested: £Over 250,000
  • 56 Total Leaders
  • 3 Professional Development Workshops Per Month
  • Wider Digital Impact: Over 50,000