Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Quality Education (4)

One Sustainable Development Goal that SEJA directly addresses is access to education. In the technological world access to education is more available than ever however quality support and tailored opportunities are much less available. One thing is to simply offer an opportunity, another thing is to offer tailored workshops and support to ensure that leaders actually understand and implement what they are learning.

The SEJA professional development programme offers leaders unparalleled access to education that will have a long term positive impact on their projects and communities.

Gender Equality (5)

Gender equality is a principal concern of SEJA’s and something that is taken in consideration when deciding what projects and collaborating partners to work with. In the communities where we work there is a significant lack of opportunities for all residents however women have even less opportunities. Women are not expected to grow past being caregivers thus women leaders are extremely important to show young girls that they can be more than what society expects them to be. Moreover, while it may not be premeditated opportunities for empowerment, study, and especially social projects, are often focused on young boys in the area. The most prevalent community development opportunities such as football, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and others predominantly feature male professors and male participants.

To date over 70% of participating leaders are women and 50% of the deliverables are specific to young girls.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (8)

SEJA also contributes to economic growth and stability of the leaders who are participating in the programme. According to surveys taken by SEJA 70% of participating leaders earn less than a minimum salary, with eight leaders noting that they have no consistent monthly salary.

Through the SEJA monthly donation all leaders are able to take a stipend that helps provide economic stability. Allowing them to have more financial freedom and dedicate more time to their projects.