Get to know our cultural projects

That help us build community and drive impact

Independent artists

Seja financially supports a team of independent dancers and actors (Leo, Bala, João and Ayesca), helping them to be able to work with what they love while also providing outreach to young people from our partner projects.

During the pandemic, all of our community spaces were closed. For over five months, local leaders had limited contact with favela youth attending the project. While most children have cell phones, SEJA did not have the infrastructure or content creation to access and engage favela youth through digital platforms.

SEJA TV is a program that leverages Brazil’s high social media consumption rates to push positive messaging on online platforms. SEJA TV consists of podcasts, dance classes, and much more, bringing positive role models online, inspiring young Brazilians living in favelas through conversations and performances about culture and its value.

Founded by dancers from favelas across Rio de Janeiro, Grupo Favela aims to unite the worlds of urban and contemporary dance with the flair of the favela.

SEJA has been involved since day one and helps financially, with business development, and whatever additional help the team needs. In the long-term SEJA views this as a great opportunity for the young people we work with, offering them opportunities to work and travel through dance with Grupo Favela.

Cultural Events

SEJA cultural events provide a platform for young dancers from our community projects to perform, learn about culture firsthand, and grow as dancers while hosting events that bring together the best dancers from around the country. Events include classes for young dancers, discussion forums, performances from our partner projects, battles, and much more.